Price list

Attendance schedule Monthly fee
Whole day 5x a week 16 800 CZK
Whole day 4x a week 15 700 CZK
Whole dayí 3x a week 13 250 CZK
Whole day 2x a week 10 950 CZK
Mornings 5x a week 13 250 CZK
Mornings 4x a week 11 6000 CZK
Morning 3x a week 8 800 CZK
Mornigns 2x a week 6 600 CZK


whole day 85 CZK
morning 80 CZK

School fee is paid at the end of the previous month.

If a child is absent the missing days can be spent in future months or years.

Missing days can be spent only in addition to the regular monthly payment.

In case of full time schedule missing days are compensated by a discount according to the contract conditions agreed.

We provide 15% discount to siblings.

We provide 5% discount for whole year payment made by the end of previous school year.