Yearly Schedule of Topics

September – Welcoming and Introductory month

Returning from holiday, welcoming new children, exploring the kindergarten, talking about my family and hobbies.

October – Autumn

Looking at changes in nature, what is happening with the weather, celebration of Halloween.

November – Traffic and safety

How to travel by water, rail, road, air, safety behavior and safety rules.

December – Winter is here, Christmas activities

Christmas in Magic Hill, Christmas performance and charity project, winter sports.

January – Our town and village

The town we live in.

February – Professions

Jobs, what we want to be when we grow up.

March – Book Month

Bringing in our favorite books, visiting the local library, join the project, “Every Czech Reads to Kids“.

April – Spring

Observation of plants, birds, working in the garden, celebration of Easter, Earth Day

May – The world in which we live, where we come from

Different countries in the world, respecting ourselves and others

June – Holidays and summer is coming

Celebration of Children’s Day and the end of the school year, farewell to the school children

July – Summer holidays

August – Summer programe

Outside play, swimming, enjoying the sunshine and nature