School curriculum

Our school education program is based on the Framework pre-school education program and is adapted for teaching also in English. Communication in the nursery takes place in Czech and English throughout the day.

The overall concept of pre-school preparation at our nursery school monitors the development of speech, vocabulary, correct use of language, correction of logopaedic immaturity, memory practice, speaking ability, pre-mathematic orientation, preparation for reading and writing and balanced sensory development. An integral part of pre-school preparation also includes promotion of work and social maturity, independence, self-service and mastery of the skills associated with the broad motor skills of the child.


English with native speakers

English is taught exclusively by native speakers who are present at the nursery throughout the day as regular teachers, the children know them and it is natural for them to learn a foreign language as when they are learning their native language, i.e. throughout the day and through normal daily activities.

We believe, and our experience has confirmed, that commencing foreign language training is most effective at pre-school age, as children approach it as they would a game, they have no inhibitions to make mistakes, learning takes place spontaneously with the use of phonetic memory, children mimic the sounds well and thus acquire a unique and invaluable basis for future study of a foreign language and for correct pronunciation.

English language training takes place in cooperation with the Czech pre-school education program; teachers work together to create themes through which the children build vocabulary and acquire a general overview. We have an extensive assortment of English pre-school literature and educational materials, we work with the Usborne publishing house, we import teaching materials and aids from abroad, we create a stimulating bilingual environment for the children.

High-quality pre-school preparation in Czech

English language training at our school does not take place at the expense of Czech. The Czech teachers always address the children in Czech, which results in the children perceiving the bilingual environment naturally. Children thus have a constant language model to follow, we pay attention to correct articulation, pronunciation and vocabulary development; furthermore, we consistently take Czech traditions, songs, fairy tales, and culture into account in the nursery school program. Even in a foreign language nursery school, it is important that the children are thoroughly and professionally acquainted with Czech and are thereby prepared for the transition to elementary school.

The foundation of pre-school training is the grammatically correct use of Czech, basic orientation in word formation, the analysis thereof, familiarisation with the alphabet, sounds, spelling, sentence structure, understanding a more complex text, instructions, memory training. We have our own specially created tutorial program to practice correct pronunciation “BREPTÁLEK”, which is regularly attended by children in the pre-school year of attendance at our nursery school. In cooperation with speech therapist, we also implement speech screening for early detection of speech correction needs.

During the children’s pre-school preparation, we have a playful way of introducing them to pre-mathematic skills, counting to 50, creating number sequences, comparing sizes, regrouping, we present the basic arithmetic operations, we create number sequences.

For children with delayed school attendance and children in whom one expects complete acquisition of school maturity as early as the last grade of nursery school attendance, we have opened grade 0, which develops children as early as the boundary of the nursery school environment and the requirements of the first grade of elementary school.

Thematic teaching in projects

We conduct teaching in projects; every month we prepare a plan of teaching lessons on a given topic in the Czech and English. The monthly theme also directs the artistic plan and related extracurricular events, such as field trips, visits to theatres, museums. Children thus gain a general overview of the topics defined for the pre-school age, gradually and in logical contexts.

We then adapt the daily program according to the children’s capabilities, mood and composition of each small group. Every day, we also ensure plenty of space for the children to play freely and arrange joint activities across their age groups. Part of the program involves frequent outdoor stays (morning and afternoon) – we use our own large garden and the surroundings of the nursery school. The nursery is equipped with a children’s playground.

We also regularly run extracurricular interest groups focused on creativity, sport and relaxation – we have a ceramic group, a flute group, we swim, go on pony rides, visit a salt cave. Every year we also organise a summer and winter nursery school in nature, with teaching of skiing basics.