School curriculum

The Magic Hill school educational program as such stems from the Framework education programme for elementary education. The program is adapted to the concept of the Czech-English teaching, in the intentions of which the school profiles on English language training. As early as from the first grade, we offer teaching of selected subjects in English, English as a classic teaching subject and an English conversation club.

We follow modern trends in teaching, stemming from the didactic principles of reading and writing for critical thinking skills, the definition of skills for the 21st century; we teach Mathematics using Professor Hejný’s method. We teach script-type face using the Comenia Script method. We teach reading using the genetic method.

The teaching axis is known as thematic teaching. It is based on a central monthly or bi-monthly theme which is further interwoven into taught subjects and worked into partial sub-themes and implemented into a variety of tasks and activities. An important component of teaching and school life also includes school projects allowing cooperation across grades, interweaving various themes into the teaching, common peer teaching and strengthening the pupils’ social skills.

We use modern and diverse teaching methods and communication with students – work on projects, problem solving, group work, discussions, personal presentation of the pupils, common learning. The school is equipped with the necessary IT equipment, which we regularly incorporate into teaching from the lowest grades; interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, internet access, equipping classes with laptops and tablets are a given.

We evaluate pupils verbally, but we likewise lead them towards self-assessment of their own work and setting of goals.

The system of teaching and preparation at our school allows our graduates smooth and successful adaptation to study requirements at multi-annual grammar schools.

At the same time, we offer the possibility to continue to the second degree of elementary school for 5th grade pupils of our school and for students interested in a transfer after finishing the first degree of elementary school.